Amser cawod! (Shower time!)

So….. Let’s get the obligatory apology out of the way ……. I’m shit at regular blogging! I do try and I have all these ideas but I’ve always wanted this blog to be my / our memories rather than forced writing on topics.

Don’t get me wrong, if I didn’t work full time then I would be all over the whole blogging thing but that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

I actually wrote the title of this blog last night but then picked up my crochet instead!

Anyways, I digress before I’ve even started!

You may recall that when we went on holiday last year, there was only a shower and not a bath. Safe to say our little man did not like the shower…..and hated his baths when he got home. I was scared that we had subjected him to some form of water torture as he’d always been such a water baby.

But he overcame his fear and for the last 6 months or so he’s absolutely loved his baths…… Phew!

This weekend saw a turning point, which I hope wasn’t a one off.

Every now and then he’s asked for the cawod (shower) whilst he’s been in the bath…..but always shied away when we’ve turned it on.

Last night there was no immediate “no!” when we switched it on…..in fact he was quite happy that Mammy was touching the shower…….then his boat…….and then his hand! We progressed through knees, belly, arms, back and eventually finished on hair…….what a turning point!

We even got him to agree that it was fun and tickled……..was it a fluke?

So this morning, Pops had a cawod, Mammy had a cawod, and then it was TG’s turn for a cawod.

We put some water in the bath with some bubbles so he could have a play, and then got the cawod down without him asking for it……….

He was a little bit unsure at first but soon started enjoying it, and we even managed a full hair wash using just the shower…… to see his little face full of so much happiness over something he was genuinely terrified of 6 months ago fills me with so much joy.

And this is what my blog is about.

Occasionally I will jump on a topic if it’s something which really touches me, like Manchester, but first and foremost it’s about moments like these.

I know we all have shit days sometimes, where you just can’t wait for the buggers to go to bed so you can have 5 minutes of silence, but then we also have fantastic days where we feel like we’ve finally nailed this whole parenting thing (haha!! What do we know)

That’s what parenting is……..there’s lots of ups and lots of downs…….for most of us the ups way outweigh the downs and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

For me, seeing the smile on TG’s face when he was under the shower just melted me……i felt like I’d conquered this massive milestone…….he was so happy. It’s silly really as it was just a shower, but it felt like so much more.

I’ve had so many similar moments…….a lot of which are moments of independence that he’s had (sob!) But I really want to hang onto these.

If I hadn’t written certain things down then I probably wouldn’t remember when he first did certain things, like use a cup on his own or learn when to put things in the bin. Certain moments will stand with me though…..the good and the bad, and for that I’m grateful.

I’ve always been one for detail, being an accountant it was just how I worked, yet being a mother has taught me that the devil isn’t always in the detail.

Sometimes it’s just about being in the moment……. I will never forget the times I cried my eyes out in our living room, begging for him to stop crying, or when there was nothing I could do to soothe him, but see him instantly calmed when Pops held him close.

I couldn’t pin point these moments, no more than I could pin point the time he stopped being rocked to sleep. I remember the scenario and the relief I felt, but couldn’t tell you how old he was or what had happened that day.

But I know they happened, just as I remember his first time on the beach, the way he cwtches in when having a bedtime story, and how he was when he overcame his fear of the mighty cawod.

And on that note……..with a bit of Spring in the air, even though it was snowing earlier!

Over and out Mammy tugboat xx


Massive sticks and big clocks

So, this wasn’t what my next blog post was going to be about but sometimes things just happen that are too funny to be forgotten, and I’ve always said that this blog post was for my memories, my kind of online diary if you will.

After a lovely weekend with family in West Wales, I fell ill (again!) and so the original blog post never got written. It will do, as I see it as a really positive one, but I find it hard to write positively when I’m feeling like shit!!

TG has really good vocab and has started coming out with some cracking phrases. However he can’t always form words correctly and so sometimes it’s tricky to know what he wants. Paw Paw (Paw Patrol) often sounds the same as purple for example.

He’s also really taken an interest in books, which me and hubz are really happy about. He picks a few nightly stories before bed, and this one is a particular favourite (known as Bear book)

I don’t know if you’ve ever read it but it’s all about a Mr Bear who just can’t get to sleep, and what he does during the night to try and get to sleep.

About a week or so ago TG noticed that there was a “clock” on one particular page, and ever since then he always wants to point to the “clock” on each page…….innocent enough you think.

I may have made a mistake when I said “yes baby, lots of clocks, can you find them all”

Reading to him tonight and he picks this book again. Only this time I had to hold back my tears of laughter as tonight’s version had several ad libs of “TG find clocks?” “lots of clocks” “big clock” “Mammy find clocks?”

It took all I had not burst out laughing all over the place…….how we made it to the end of the story I’ll never know……especially when he came out with “no clocks in car?”

Pops has a similar thing when he picks him up for nursery. He loves the outdoors and often picks up leaves and flowers and sticks.

There are a few trees in the nursery garden and so no end of “sticks” for him to pick up. He loves to show off his treasures and takes great pleasure in telling people all about his “big stick” “massive stick” “TG wants stick!”

To be fair it is a pretty big stick!!

No doubt we’ll have lots more word issues as he gets older (I read about someone’s boy who wanted to read a “whore” movie!)😂

But for now I’m sat smiling after a few days of not smiling and I guess this will be one to tell him when he’s older!

Over and out Mammy tugboat xx


Am I really turning into a late mum??

Prior to having a baby I was pretty much always early or certainly on time for most things.

If I was driving anywhere then I always wanted to leave early to make sure I could find a parking space, and if I was walking then I left early to make sure I didn’t have to do a mad sweaty dash anywhere.

Even if I was being picked up by someone else I was nearly always ready and waiting for them, just in case.

Granted I had a few slip ups from time to time, but pretty much I was the early one.

I was thinking today about how much more “normal” this January seems compared to last January. We are now a year into our nursery/grandparents/work lifestyle as a family, and although it has it’s challenges on most days, we’re a pretty well gelled unit (just the other day there was a tantrum as I wanted to pull TG’s vest sleeves down after putting his top on…..).

Just after Christmas, when we had a few days off and so didn’t have to go into work after the nursery drop off, I noticed that I was becoming a bit too relaxed with his Nursery drop offs……

The nursery opens at 8 and I need to be in work for 9…..factor in a potential 45 minute drive / walk and it works quite well. I always used to think about it in terms of “must get him to nursery by 8, otherwise he’ll be late” . I noticed that some kids were arriving as I was leaving and even thought at the time “oh they’re late” .

But now…….the boy doesn’t always nap in the day now, and I really try and squeeze every ounce of sleep that I can out of him in the mornings. Instead of waking him at say 7am so we could be out of the house by 7:40 (not sure why I gave myself 20 minutes to make a 10 minute drive!!) I now leave him to wake up naturally if possible, only waking him if it gets to 7:45

As well as ensuring that he gets his much needed rest it also gives me time to do important things like empty the dishwasher, put the washing on, crochet……..😁

It also means that very often we have a very quick get up, get changed and in the car before he has time to say “morning Mammy” …..the toothpaste often resides in the car on days like this!

At first I felt guilty about this (that bloody guilt!) We both only get limited time with him during the week because of work, so was I being selfish by not spending more time with him in the mornings?

In fact no, I wasn’t /am not, as he actually goes into Nursery in a better mood on those mornings that he doesn’t spend much time in the house first! Less time to either start playing with his toys and therefore get upset when he has to leave them behind (Although a fair few get taken with him….he has a show and tell with the other toddlers on most mornings!)

I now think of our morning routine as “what is the latest time that I can leave the house, drop the boy and still get to work on time!” It’s actually around 8:10…..a whole ten minutes after Nursery opens!

So he gets as much sleep as he can, but still gets into Nursery in time for breakfast, and I still get into work on time…..winning all round. The fact that some kids still arrive after us assures me that it is absolutely fine!

On some days he doesn’t get the rest memo and wakes up earlier than we’d like. On those days you’d think that we would be early, or at least on time for nursery, but nope! If anything we’re even later because it’s on those days that things either take twice as long because we’re all cranky or we have lots of time playing and realise he’s still in just his nappy at 8am!!

So, to answer my own question, yes, I am becoming a late Mammy and I’m 100% happier and more relaxed for being so!!


The day he pooped in the bath!!

Oh my God tonight was hilarious if a bit disgusting.

The title says it all really………he shat in the bath! To be fair it has taken nearly two years for this to happen so I guess we had it coming at some point.

It was coming to the end of bath time and I’d started draining the bath so that he knew it was coming to an end.

He was splashing around with his toys and then all of a sudden he said “pooh” …..I asked him if he’d gone and he said no. (He was technically telling the truth!)

Then he was squatting down but I thought it was because the water was getting lower and lower.

I went to pick him up and the next thing I saw was his poop floating down the bath, getting closer to his toys! Not quite knowing what to do I picked him out, only to notice that he was still going! I didn’t want it to go on me so I put him back in, meaning that he started trying to play with it!!

At this point I was ready to start laughing hysterically so had no choice but to yell for hubz to help! Funniest bath time in a while but probably not for hubz……needless to say his bath toys are now all in the dishwasher!

In all fairness he did give me a warning!!

We’ve noticed recently that he’s starting to tell us “wee” or “poo” just before he goes, rather than once he’s been, so we’re thinking it’s time to have the potty at the ready now, even if we just get him used to it for now and don’t actively potty train him just yet. He still seems quite young but time will tell I guess.

We have no intentions of pressuring him into anything as it will just be stressful for all involved!

Although he definitely knows what the toilet is for, so it might be that he takes straight to that instead of the potty. He was at Nains (nan) on Christmas Eve and he said “wee” and took her to the downstairs toilet. Hubz undressed him and sat him on it but nothing really happened……then as soon as he stood back on the floor, pee everywhere!!

Nana got him some Marvel and Spiderman pants in the sales today when we went shopping, so we’ve got them ready for when he’s ready…….cue emotional Mammy moment!! They’re so tiny!

We’ve got to take him to get his feet measured on the weekend so will probably try and get a potty then too……will let you know how it goes!

Over and out, Mammy tugboat xx


Twas the night before Christmas

And I’m watching Carols from King’s in keeping with the Palmer tradition. They started with Once in Royal David’s City which has to be one of my faves.

We’ve had a lovely day today, catching up with friends and family who we won’t see on the big day.

We’ve introduced a few more Christmas things today…..he knows Santa now (thanks to the “It’s not my Santa” book), and enjoyed the fun of crackers at lunchtime.

We then watched the “Snowman and Snowdog” before his bath, followed by 2 reads of “Twas the night before Christmas” which I’m amazed at, as he’s been all about the “Ben and Betsan” book all week!

We managed to get him the same Christmas PJs as last year, and I can’t wait to see his little face when he starts to open his presents in the morning….going to look so cute. He’s still a little bit young to leave food and drink out for Santa but I think next year he’ll be all over it.

On the downside he’s got a stinking cough again bless him……just when we thought he’d gotten over it.

Just a short post tonight, to say how happy and thankful and grateful I am for everything and everyone I have in my life.

Nadolig Llawen i Bawb / Merry Christmas to everyone

Oops, haven’t done my nails yet!!

Over and out, Mammy tugboat xx


It’s Christmas!!!!!

The title of this blog has to be said / shouted a la Slade, just so you know.

Once again we’re here…….the tree is up and the Christmas port is…… (well, it’s actually all gone!)

A couple of weeks ago I started to feel Christmassy when I heard a certain song on the radio (in December so allowed lol).

I was dropping TG at Nanas when Johnny Mathis, When a Child is Born came on the radio. The person who had requested it was remembering how they used to wait at the top of the stairs whilst their parents went downstairs to check if he’d been. Their Mother would put the kettle on and then they would only come down when their Father put this song on the record player.

It just got me all Christmassy and I had to stay in the car listening to the song / singing it to TG.

I love all the old fashioned songs, they make me much more Christmassy (really have to find another word lol)

Since then I haven’t felt it all……i felt a bit tearful on Nan’s birthday, but that’s different. Getting past that day, especially this year, allows me to relax into things a bit. I could easily fill a whole blog post about her, an absolutely amazing woman who always went out of her way to please everyone around her. But that’s not what this is about.

I love the idea of having traditions, and for us Christmas can only start once 12th December has been and gone. Even if it means the tree doesn’t go up until 17th!!

No doubt over the years we will create more and more, some of which TG might carry on to his own family, like the person who phoned into the radio.

It always feels like such a chore but I’m always so happy once the tree is up and the decorations are out. This year we’ve had some additions to the crew (thank you TG for the early present)

They fit so perfectly.

This is a very happy post tonight…..we took TG to see Sion Corn ( Santa) today….he was sleeping last year and eating this year……not interested one bit! He did say bye bye to Santa and instantly said “again” once we had left…..so a semi success lol. Hoping to take him on one of the train rides next year…..any suggestions welcome! I guess he’s still a little bit young to really understand what’s going on….he still calls reindeer monkeys bless him.

He had his Christmas party at nursery on Friday and is all ready for the big day…..we have his Christmas Eve PJs ready with his book, and then his Christmas Day jumper. Once he’s a bit older we might get a Christmas Eve film on the go but no way would he stay still for that long at the moment.

We’re hoping to have a relaxed affair on Christmas Eve, as we’re at my mum’s this year so not too much prep to do. But no doubt it’ll be just as hectic as before!

Over and out, Mammy tugboat xx


Illness strikes again!

This time last year we all started to get the obligatory pre-Christmas cold/cough/general sickness, with a dash of teething thrown in for good measure.

Fast forward 12 months and here we are again, with little man bearing the brunt of it bless him.

Hubz and I are both currently sat waiting for a Chinese takeaway, listening to TG coughing his guts up over the monitor. Poor little bugger, it’s heartbreaking listening to him crying but there’s so little we can do!

Last night was horrendous. Hubz managed to get him to sleep (on him) as he just wouldn’t settle in the cot and didn’t want me at all.

Managed to put him in the cot and everything was hunky dory until about 1:30 ish when he woke in floods of tears, and was standing up in his cot, which is always a tell tale sign that he’s proper shook up.

Several attempts from both of us to get him to settle but he wasn’t having any of it. We were trying to get him to have anything and everything, because he was crying so much……nurofen, cough medicine, water, dummy, powders, but most of it ended up over hubz!

He eventually settled upstairs on our bed, so we could all try and get a bit of sleep. Not quite sure how much sleep was had mind, as it only seemed like 5 minutes later when he was awake and screaming again.

Again we tried water, cough syrup, dummy etc but nothing seemed to settle him. We don’t even really know what’s wrong with him! Could be teeth, could just be that he’s tired from coughing, could have a sore throat, might even be an ear infection! (Although not rubbing his ears, so jury is still out on that one!)

The day eventually started properly just after 4:30am with multiple episodes of paw patrol, and some strong coffee. We did a bit of driving around and the little man did drop back off again about 7 ish……delivered him to nursery very bleary eyed, and potentially still a little bit asleep! On the plus side no tantrums as he didn’t notice I’d gone lol.

All in all it has been a long day for all concerned, and still isn’t over yet judging from the noises coming from the monitor.

In top of last night’s sleepless night TG decided he didn’t want to nap in nursery today, so tonight’s bedtime routine went completely to pot! At least I could laugh about it tonight, instead of crying…..never before have I been so triumphant about putting a nappy on him!

Last night was hard as I felt completely helpless….he didn’t want me at all and nothing we were doing to help him was working. I did have a bit of a cry in the dark……..

This morning I was a right cow to him though, and I still feel so guilty about it. I know he’s ill and can’t explain what he’s feeling, but I get so frustrated when he tantrums, I really can’t deal with him very well. I just shout at him which makes things worse…..we did have make up cuddles later though which made up for it.

I did try and be calm when he went off tonight, and it did seem to work better, but in the heat of the moment its hard to stay calm.

All these things are sent to try us but fingers crossed he feels better soon! Hopefully no trips to the doctors are needed for his cough, but he’s had it a fair few days now…….will keep you updated!

Over and out, Mammy tugboat xx