April showers…..

Not a weather related post at all, but suddenly realised that I hadn’t actually written about anything that we’d done as a family in a while!

This month has definitely been a lot of fun, but has had a few up and down, just like our British weather.

The sunshine has certainly been welcomed with open arms…… we’ve even ventured into shorts and sun hat territory, omg! It’s been lovely to come home from work and hear TG and hubz playing in the garden in that hour or so before bedtime. We’ve been able to relax a bit, and the TV has hardly been on, so less theme tunes going around in my head.

TG has loved helping in the garden, watering the plants and helping move the shed. He got a bit scared when Bampy shut the door on him, so hubz sat in there with him in the dark so he knew that it was ok and not scary.

This sunshine obviously presents it’s own problems….. trying to get TG to come back in from the garden and have a bath / get ready for bed has been a little tricky, and we’ve seen a few tantrums.

I even resorted to telling him he needed to wash the garden pegs at one point, just to get him to the bathroom (don’t think he’s going to fall for that one again!)

Once he’s in he’s ok, and takes great delight in soaking anyone and everyone around him. This last week hubz might as well have been in the bath with him he was that drenched!

The weather means that we’ve been able to get out on a few more walks now…..along the canal path to feed the duckies and also to Tredegar House, a National Trust place not far from us. TG has had loads of fun at both of these places, walking with so much confidence now, we don’t bother with the pushchair at all now. If he gets tired he tends to just sit down!

He also discovered the joys of a big fast slide at a local pub, which was ridiculously fast, but he loved it, going down on his belly and bum!

We’ve started to notice a few little tantrums rearing their heads, but mostly understandable ones, so if he wants to go out but can’t because it’s raining, or if he wants to sit in a trolley but can’t because we’re in Costco and he doesn’t understand why their trolleys are different to Sainsburys ones.

Every now and then we get a random one though……like a few weeks ago when hubz gave him his cup of milk, and he proper kicked off. Didn’t want it anywhere near him, didn’t even like it when we put it on the table which was on the other side of the room.

Then he started saying ‘Oren cup’ (Oren cup is for water, blue cup is for milk) so we both started to say “do you want the milk in your Oren cup?”

Before we could even finish the sentence he reached for his cup of milk from my hand and pretty much downed it in one go! Keeping us on our toes!

He’s started playing more with different toys now, so his puzzles and drawings, and playing with his Spiderman, Fireman Sam toys (amongst others)

He’s Mr Independence all over…..not wanting his pushchair, wanting to sit on the big chairs at the big tables rather than a high chair. This started over the Easter holidays when Nana and Bampy took us out for dinner whilst hubz was at the rugby.

It very nearly ended in me turning around and taking him home, as he wanted to change tables as the waitress was bringing us drinks, point blank refusing the highchair and running from table to table. Luckily he managed to settle by the window on a big boy chair and the crayons, stickers and promise of pasta and pizza kept him very occupied!

We’ve even had a few poos and pees in the potty all of his own accord this week.

Tomorrow we’re going to let the nursery know, and just see how it goes. He’s been absolutely against us throwing the poop away once it’s in the potty, screaming “mine, mine” but he’ll get there.

So, that’s been our month in a nutshell!

May sees him turning 2….. Which seems crazy. Sometimes we forget that he’s not yet 2 as he’s so forward with things, yet at other times he’s still very much our baby.

Although our little baby now knows his surname (even if he doesn’t know what a surname is!) 😂

Over and out, Mammy tugboat xx

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